GiftCardAdvocate mentioned on the Today Show

We welcome any publicity that helps people find the plethora of helpful information on gift cards our site provides for consumers, even if it is incorrect.

The Today Show mentioned us this morning as a gift card comparison shopping site, which we are not, but our resources page will help you find all the gift card secondary marketplaces and our blog has lots of useful information for the gift card consumer.

In addition to GiftCardGranny (a great site which the Today Show also mentioned) the other comparison shopping sites for gift cards we are aware of are CardNap and CardAvenue (which also has a helpful gift card registry).   Both CardNap and GiftCardGranny allow you to compare the resale price of your gift card among several of the secondary marketplaces (like CardPool, PlasticJungle, and ABC Gift Cards), and all three sites list prices for gift cards you can buy at a discount.


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  1. Great to see! Congrats on this mention.

    Keep up the good work,