Numi key for gift cards

Cupertino-based Mobeam has created a device called Numi that is specifically made for holding retailer loyalty card (Ralphs club, etc.) information which it cam beam using an LED into a checkout scanner, thus allowing you to carry one key faub size device on your keychain rather than a bunch of credit-card sized loyalty cards.

Where this gets interesting is when the Numi gets the ability to carry gift card data as well, which would allow people always have their gift cards with them when an opportunity to spend them comes up.

Not a bad idea, but the company has no plans to support this until it has partnerships with retailers set up.

Personally, I’d rather have my mobile phone carry my e-gift card data and scan it at a checkout with an on-screen barcode, much like I am able to do when I travel with some airlines, rather than carrying a boarding pass.  That would save me from having yet another thing on my keychain.