New scam to worry about if you are selling your gift card

Here is an interesting comment to a post on Plastic Jungle:

I was selling Visa Gift cards on Ebay for $125 for a $100 card. I couldn’t figure out why they would pay more but was happy they were. After ebay and paypal fees and shipping, I only made around $10. Well, around a week later, a guy who had purchased $1500 in cards did a chargeback on all 14 transactions. If I had not sent them with a tracking number so I could prove that they were received, I would have lost all the money. Once I gave the tracking number to Paypal, they released my money to me. If you ever sell a gift card, don’t just stick a stamp on it, you can’t prove that you sent it or that it was delivered. You need to go to your post office and pay extra to get a delivery confirmation. Boy am I glad I did it that way. 4 other people that I sold cards to tried to scam me the same way but I won because I had a tracking number. Who knows, they all could have been the same guy.

This is similar to the Craigslist scam that we reported on a few days ago, but from the perspective of the buyer scamming the seller.

While there are few options for selling open-loop (Visa type) gift cards among the plentiful sites where you can buy or trade gift cards (see our resources page), we have yet to hear that any of those sites are scams; in fact they all appear quite legitimate.  You are much better off buying of selling used gift cards through one of those services than you are through Ebay or Craigslist.