Plastic Jungle takes big step forward in secondary gift card market

Plastic Jungle has just announced its integration with the electronic systems of First Data, one of the large gift card networks (the system behind in-store gift card issuing and processing).  This means that they will be able to handle some gift transactions electronically for gift cards that use First Data’s network and for stores that agree to allow Plastic Jungle to do this.  It also means they can issue new gift cards electronically for participating retailers.

The bottom line is that for some transactions the part where you mail in your card or receive your new card by mail will be removed, making it faster and less cumbersome to sell them your old gift card or receive your new one (electronically).

Other features we’d like to see them add?  How about receiving funds for gift cards they buy via PayPal?  Now that they can process some transactions electronically, can they combine lower value gift cards such that they can purchase gift cards with a face value lower than $25?