Fun with Numbers

While there are a lot of players in the gift card resale market, most of them are bit players; you can tell by the number of listings for cards they have on their site. One site that appears to be one of the smallish players is I wouldn’t mention them, except they put out a press release about a HUGE 40% increase in sales in one month. Um, a big increase on something small is still something small. Their site still only lists less than 100 gift cards for sale. This huge increase in sales must be the reason their URL isĀ appraised at a whopping $2,000. When I clicked the Update this Data link on their page at Website Outlook, their value went down by about $100 and their daily page views dropped from 598 to 551 from 33 days ago. Hmm. When I checked the data for, one of the leaders in the space, its value and page views went up from two months ago.