Resale prohibited (US Bank Visa gift card)

Came across an interesting restriction while reading the terms & conditions for the US Bank Visa gift card:  “Resale of Gift Cards is strictly prohibited.”

Wow, that’s quite a restriction.  But the US Bank gift card is unattractive for their many fees, most of which will presumably change after the gift card rules from the Federal Reserve as per the Credit Card Reform Act of 2009 take effect in August.  Their fees include $.50 for using the automated 800 number, $1.00 for talking to a live representative, a $2.50/mo inactivity fee after 12 months, $15 balance transfer or replacement fee, and a 3% foreign transaction fee.  The worst though is that the terms & conditions include a hefty disclaimer that provides plenty of hoops you must jump through to get your money back if your card is stolen or otherwise used fraudulently.

I’m going to do a comparison to these current terms & conditions after August.


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  1. John says:

    How would they even know if you resold it ?

  2. Advocate says:

    If you registered it under your name, sold it, and the buyer lost it and tried to get it replaced. Not a common scenario I agree, but it could happen.