New gift card scam – don’t sell a gift card for someone you’ve never met

John over at GiftCardBin sent us this report of a new scam:

I was contacted earlier today from a lady who wanted to sell us a gift card.  She was unfamiliar with the process but she had a Lowes gift card and was referred to the site by a friend.  I like to find out how they received the card and why they are selling it.  Her story:

She received a message from a “friend” in Ghana who needed help.  He was going to be sending her a gift card and asked that she cash that gift card in with any site that buys gift cards.  This is how she learned about us.  He was attacked in Ghana and needed money but was afraid to have anything sent directly to him.

She did not say if she was going to be sending him money back, keeping some of it, or sending it all back.  I don’t know if she even really knew the person but this sounded all too familiar to email scams I have received myself in the past.  Nonetheless, we declined to accept her cards.

I can only assume this is going to become a trend for some to scam not only consumers, but secondary gift card business’s.