This gift card deal makes me wonder

Take a look at the deal shown in the picture.

That’s right, for 2x$6.49, you get the razors and a $5 gift card.  This makes me wonder if the retailer knows something that most consumers don’t.  I don’t think we have to look to far or think too hard to figure this one out.

The type of card you would get is likely a rewards type gift card and is not subject to the same new gift card rules and, more importantly for the retailers sake, escheat laws (state’s taking possession of unclaimed property) and expiration dates that normal gift cards are, thus if you don’t spend it, Target gets to keep the money.

I am guessing the people are Target are pretty smart people and to have come up with a deal like this, they know that in the end, they will win.  This means, it is probably pretty safe to say that they expect a large portion of those $5 gift cards to not get spent.  It may be that $5 on a gift card is just little enough that people (a) won’t bother to spend it quickly, and (b) won’t pay attention to the fact that it likely has a short expiration date.

Don’t be swayed by what looks like free money.  In the end, it probably isn’t.

Update:  Looks like this is a regular thing at Target, as I found another one just like it.